The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Technique

The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Technique
October 15, 2021 0 Comments

This blog post has a very long title purely for search engine optimisation purposes, yet it has a very short and simple message to any London-based small business owners, artists, bloggers and fashion designers

The secret of being successful at social media marketing

The secret of being successful at social media marketing is very simple: GET SOCIAL. You can start with sending instagram mass DM to your target audience.

Every time I login, I first look at my notifications. I thank everyone for saving my tweets, I write a nice welcome note to my new followers and I try to avoid irritating automated reply tools.

I search for topics I am interested in, as well as people that I find interesting; then I reply to tweets and connect with other Twitter users by saying hi and asking how they are doing. They reply. They are real people behind their businesses just like You and me. So my tweets are visible on their profiles, too. Therefore I reach a wider audience and so do they.

Anytime we swap messages or tweets, the original message is displayed, too. This benefits the accounts of all the people who take part in the conversation.

Twitter, just like Facebook, measures engagement rates mainly and not the number of your followers! You can have 2000 followers and still be less successful in using Twitter than 20 businesses chatting about the same topic using the same #hashtags over and over again.

We have connected with over 100 other businesses and some ultra-social people in less than a week. It did not cost a penny. It didn’t require planned marketing messages or copy-writing. It’s simply chatting.

This is The Most Effective Free Social Media Marketing & Advertising Technique for SMEs, Designers & Bloggers in London : “Be Social”

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